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Covid-19 Vaccinations in Switzerland

Canton Vaud  www.vd.ch
If you are over 75, ring 058 715 11 00 between 9h00 and 20h30 and they will give you an appointment. Further details will be given for the next groups as more vaccines become available. From 7 January, the website www.coronavax.ch  will be active and people can fill out the online mail form to request an appointment for a vaccination. Appointments will then be given based on a person’s vulnerability.


Canton Geneva  www.ge.ch
In early January, people over 75 living in the canton of Geneva should receive a letter from the Cantonal health authorities inviting them to sign up for a vaccination appointment. People aged 65-74 will receive their letter as soon as sufficient vaccines become available. The letter will give full details about Covid-19 vaccinations.  There is a link on www.ge.ch to book vaccination appointments online – you’ll need your insurance card and have access to a mobile phone to register. Help line number: 0800 909 400


Coronavirus Guidelines

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Please check the following sites for updates:
www.bag.admin.ch, www.swissinfo.ch, www.who.int, www.gouvernement.fr/info-coronavirus