Join Us

Membership in the International Women’s Club of Nyon (IWCN) is open to English-speaking women of any nationality.

Becoming a member of the IWCN will provide you with the friendship of other women, activities to enjoy and will help you get involved in the local community.

Membership costs CHF 65.00 a year with a once-only joining fee of CHF 50.00.

Club Year

The Club year runs from 1 July to 30 June and the annual membership fee must be paid before the end of June.


Membership also entitles you to the IWCN’s newsletter The Grapevine which is published online nine times a year, providing details about upcoming events and activities.


During member outings and activities, photographs are often taken that are likely to be used on this website or in The Grapevine. Any member who does not want her picture used will need to opt out by informing the Web Manager, in advance, here.

If you have trouble filling in the form, please email the Membership Secretary for help. She will also be able to answer any other questions about the Club that you may have.

Please Note!

All members are encouraged to support the IWCN by volunteering their time, talents and skills to the functioning of the Club and its activities.