How to pay your subscription and for Club events

To pay your annual subscription or register for a Club event, please make your payment through a bank transfer. This is the only way we can trace who has made payments for each event.

You can use e-banking or the Multimat/Contomat in your bank or at the UBS. You can also deposit the amount via the cashier into the account of the International Women’s Club of Nyon at your nearest UBS bank.

Please do not pay by Postal Payment as it can take up to a month to receive your payment Information.

Please make sure you add your name and the reason for payment (e.g. annual subscription).

UBS Bank Account Name: International Women’s Club of Nyon
UBS Bank Account Number: 0228 – E0126365.0
Postal Code and City: 1260 Nyon
IBAN Number: CH39 00228 228E 0126 3650 (all numerical zeros)

Please make your payment at least four days before the event so that it can be identified on the bank statement. Reservations are not confirmed until payment has been received.