Swiss Parliament Trip

Wed 25 September 2019

From 8.14 to 18.44

A visit has been organised to the Swiss Parliament in Bern with the opportunity to attend a Federal Assembly and to put questions to one member of the Parliament. As the number of participants to this one-day outing is limited, please let me know ASAP if you wish to participate. Passport or Identity-card is essential. The visit to the Swiss Parliament is free-of-charge. However you will be responsible for your individual train-fare and lunch on the day. We plan to have lunch at the Café Fédéral. We have the time and possibility to also arrange a guided tour of Bern for the price of CHF 18 per person.

Departure from Nyon Railway Station: 08h14 -track 2

Arrival in Bern: 09h56

Departure from Bern: 17h04 -track 3

Arrival in Nyon: 18h44

If you would like to join us, then please phone or send an email to:Ruth Zamboni: 079 213 22 78 022 366 32 89

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